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Learn how to play Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Wizarding Duels!

Welcome to the wizarding world!

An incredible world full of magic, friendship and adventure that will be threatened by death eaters. They are preparing to face the order and impose their dark vision of the world again.


Will you fight against the Death Eaters to protect the wizarding world, or will you join them in battle? In Harry Potter miniatures adventure game wizarding duels you decide what kind of witch/wizard you want to be!


What is the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game?

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is a tactical magic dueling game for 2 players.

Collect and paint your favorite Harry Potter characters and play with them to face your enemies. Customize your characters, cast spells, search for items and win the duel in this fantastic game!





Light and darkness meet again. Their ideals are different and their vision of life completely opposite. On which side are you? Join a group and face your enemies to defend what you believe in!

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