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Miss Granger is another component of the trio. A powerful witch with a cost in Galleons of 12 (one more than Ron, but we will see below that it is justified). Hermione makes a very good pair with Ron since if they go together, they will both benefit from "The Trio" rule.


Hermione's Stats are similar to Ron's, 2 in Mastery, 2 in Defense and 2 slots to assign Artifacts to her, although Hermione has one more point in Cunning, so she will bring one more Power Marker to the pool than Ron.


Hermione has as an Innate Spell an "Obliviate", a defensive Spell, easy to cast and will impair an opposing Model's ability to cast their own Spells.


Hermione has 5 Traits, 1 more than Ron. That's quite a lot of Traits for a Model costing only 12 Galleons, here is a list of them.

Dueling: Is a Trait that gives a great advantage in Magic duels, with Duelling whenever Hermione is in a Faced Clash (the confrontation rolls used in Combat Spells) she will have extra information about the Clash Cards that the Opponent will use.

Potioneer 2: Potioneer is a very powerful ability in this version of the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. All groups in the Group Setup Phase have the option to choose 6 potions to use during the game at no cost, but these potions must be level 0 (the least powerful potions). If your group includes Hermione, thanks to her Potioneer 2, you will be able to exchange one of the level 0 potions for a potion up to level 2, which are already quite more powerful potions. The maximum level of a Potion is 3, leave in comments which models that will be released in the future you think will have the Potioneer 3 Trait (the real Potion masters).

Expert Wizard, Gryffindor and The Trio: Hermione shares with Ron Weasley these 3 Skills, so you can imagine that Hermione is a very good witch.

Although it is not a Trait, Hermione has one additional thing that Ron does not have, and that is access to Crookshanks. Only Hermione can assign him to her, Crookshanks is very powerful, and for a couple of Galleons more he will make Hermione an even better Witch.


Stay tuned, in the next few days we will be writing more articles going deeper into the new mechanics Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.


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