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Welcomeback Magicians and Muggles! Today fills us with happiness to bring you a very special article, as we are going to talk for the first time about the profiles. Please welcome Mr. Ron Weasley!

Ron is a very good option if you are looking for a versatile model at a low cost, for only 11 Galleons, with it you will have the opportunity to score many of your Quest Cards.

ron weasley render


2 points of Mastery will make it easy to cast Spells, even the most demanding ones can be cast by Ron if we do our part.

In defense, Ron is also very good, 2 shields that our opponents will have to deal with if they want to attack Ron.

Cunning is the Stat that will add Power Markers to our Power Pool. Ron is average for a Model of his cost, adding 2 White Markers to the Reserve. Ron has 2 spaces to assign artifacts to.

ron weasley card


Ron's Innate Spell is a Stupefy, a very reliable Combat Spell as it has a +2 bonus to cast that will inflict one Impact that cannot be modified.


Ron has 4 useful Traits for the game, which is very good for an 11 Galleon Model with more than decent Stats.

Expert Wizard: This is one of the most powerful Treats in Wizarding Duels. With this Deal, once per Round, we can cast a Spell as a free action. This means that if we also use its Advanced Action to cast another Spell, this model can cast 2 Spells in a single activation. A gigantic value.

Tactician: Another of the Advanced Actions that can be done in Wizarding Duels is "Draw Quest Card" with this action we can discard one of our Quest Cards to draw a new one, it comes in handy for occasions when we have a Quest Card in the Active Quest Zone and we are not going to be able to score it that Round. The Tactician deal allows us to "Draw Quest Card" once per Round as a free action instead of spending the advanced action.

If we do the math we can see that Expert Wizard + Tactician, is giving us in an activation of Ron, 2 free advanced actions each Round.

Gryffindor: Gryffindors are brave and defend their friends. To represent this, if any allied model falls in the middle of the battle and is removed from the game, one of the Models with the "Gryffindor" Trait will be able to move one Space.

The Trio: The Trio is an ability that three Models have in the game: Ron, Hermione, and another model that you might be able to guess who it is... This ability empowers all three protagonists as long as they stay close to each other. If another allied model with this same deal is near a model with this deal, once per turn, they can add a success when performing any test.

ron weasley

So much for the presentation of the new version of Ron Weasley that you can find in the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game starter box. See you Magicians and Muggles in the next wizarding post!

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