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Hello witches and wizards!

We know that many of you are impatient to know the mechanics of the new edition of our favorite wizard battle game and that is precisely what we are going to reveal in this article, some things that have changed between the first and the second edition.

We have taken into account the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game community and their feedback to make the new game, and our feeling after having played enough games with the new format can't be better. Fast games, with a higher strategic component and most important of all, tremendously fun gameplay.

To start with this new edition will come out a basic starter box with all the necessary components to start playing, new artifacts, new spells, new character cards, all the necessary markers, new maps and most importantly, 8 brand new Models.

The new "Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game: Wizarding Duels" starter box set includes 4 Hogwarts Models (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Hedwig) and 4 Death Eaters Models (Nagini, two Death Eaters and the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Lord Voldemort). All models pre-assembled and ready to paint!

Inside the box there will be a lot of "Overlays" to place on the board that will make each game completely different, and also come the "Challenge Tiles" that will be an important part in winning the games, as many of the scoring objectives are related to these "Challenge Tiles".


Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Wizarding Duels is a faster and more strategic edition than the previous one, the games only last 3 rounds, and in each of those rounds you can activate your models 3 times.

After those 3 rounds whoever has obtained more victory points wins the game. But how do you win now? We will tell you below.

When you are creating the list of your group to play in Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, besides including the list of the models you want to play, the spells you will use, the magic artifacts and potions your models will have equipped, there is one more part that you must have configured: Your Quest Deck.

The Quest Deck is the one that will tell you what quests you must complete to earn victory points and how many victory points completing these quests will give you.

In the starter box you will find more than 50 Quest cards to set up your deck divided into groups. There are Quest cards that ask you to control a Challenge, others to make hits with spells on rival models, others to have more Models than the opponent in certain zones etc... All Quest cards are completed differently and are divided into 9 groups according to the way they are completed.

To configure your Quest deck, you must include in it a card from each of the 9 groups, in this way games with diversity are assured. You cannot focus only on casting damage spells to win a game, or on the contrary protection spells and not interact with your rival, since your 9 objectives (the only ways to get points in Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game) are taken from 9 different Quest groups.


To conclude, maybe the most savvy wizards have noticed a very important change. Nowhere in this article have we talked about the dice that come in the starter box to make the rolls. This is because there are no dice rolls in Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Instead of dice now the tests will be passed with a new concept that we have introduced, the Clash Deck.

The Clash Deck is composed of 20 Cards with a numerical bonus to perform the tests and additionally, if this test is a duel between mages, the Clash Deck can activate additional powerful effects.

The starting deck will have the following scores for the tests:

7 Clash cards with +1

6 Clash cards with +2

5 Clash cards with +3

1 Clash card with +0

1 Clash card with 2+ and draw an additional Clash card.

It is possible to include high scoring cards in your Clash deck and it is also possible to include some low scoring cards in the opponent's Clash deck to tip the balance in your favor in the tests.

Naturally a "Stupify'' should not be as difficult to cast as an "Avada Kedavra" for that reason all the spells and tests in Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game have been revised and adjusted for the new system.

Once the test in which you have used cards has finished you will be able to apply the effect indicated on the Clash card you have used in that test. The most powerful effects coincide with the Clash cards with lower modifiers, and the most trivial effects will be on the cards with higher modifiers.

Some examples of such effects on Clash cards:

-Move the model that performed the action in one space.

-Discard 2 Clash cards from the opponent's deck.

-Advancing the Cooldown of one of the spells of the model that performed the action.

The Clash deck adds a touch of surprise and fun to the games.


Stay tuned, in the next few days we will be writing more articles going deeper into the different mechanics and strategies of Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.


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