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As we discussed in the article on phases, in the activation phase characters can perform their actions. As soon as a player designates a Model to activate, it becomes “active”. That Model can now perform Actions in any order, and/or use its special traits and other abilities.

Unless the Character Card indicates otherwise, all Models can perform 1 Move Action, 1 Advanced Action and 1 Quick Action each Activation (unless the activated Model already has an Activation Marker) and any number of Free Actions.

Actions are divided into 4 different types:


When performing a Movement Action, a Model can move up to 3 Spaces. It can move less Spaces if you wish, but cannot exceed 3 unless a special rule allows it.


Within the special actions we can find:

-Attack: Although most offensive Actions in Wizarding Duels are carried out with magic, many creatures, Muggles and even magicians can resort to physical Attacks.

-Cast a Spell: A Model must have at least one Spell Card or Innate Spell to be able to perform a Cast Spell Action. A Spell can only be cast if it does not have Cooldown Clock on it and is found in the Spell Book.

-Draw a Quest card: If you perform this Action you must put in the Quest Discard pile one of your Active Quest Cards, then draw a new Quest Card and place it in the Active Quest Zone.

-Draw a Clash card: Another option to spend your Advanced Action is to Draw a Clash Card. You can only perform this Action if you have less than 3 Clash Cards in your Hand.


There are two types of Quick Actions:

-Use Potion: On each activation, the Model you are activating can use a Quick Action to use a Potion.

-Hide/Unveil: The Models can Hide/Unveil the Terrain and Challenge Overlays.


A Model can perform any number of Free Actions during its activation.

All of the Models Actions must be completed before moving on to the next Model. Once all Models in play have been activated, players move on to the End Phase.


These are all the actions that Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Wizarding Duels models can perform during their activations. Remember to pre-order the new starter box and its new expansions before they are sold out.


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